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Uniform Policy

Our Uniform Policy

The wearing of uniforms at HCA accomplishes a number of valuable objectives. Uniforms instill in students a sense of belonging and loyalty to the school community. Student behavior and productivity are generally improved when students wear uniforms. Wearing a prescribed uniform helps de-emphasize fashion consciousness and diminishes tendencies to form socioeconomic cliques. Most families find that purchasing uniforms costs less than buying the typical student wardrobe, and uniforms help reduce family conflicts over what to buy and what to wear. Uniforms serve a practical purpose of safety since students are easily identifiable on field trips and persons not in uniform are easily spotted on our campus. Finally, uniforms look nice and help create a positive impression of our students and our school within the community.

Click here for our complete 2016-17 Uniform Policy

HCA uniforms may be purchased exclusively by clicking this Lands End link (use Preferred School #9000-6150-8) or by visiting Read’s Uniforms on N. Center Street in Hickory and their website https://shop.readsuniforms.net/educationnc using the login: HCANC

Please contact the school office with any questions.

You can purchase uniforms from Land’s End HERE You can search by our school’s name or enter our school number which is 900061508

You can also purchase uniforms from Read’s HERE our private code is HCANC

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