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I had a great time with many of you at the annual Knights 5K this morning.  A special thanks to Bill and Carol Johncock for the endless hours they put into planning this event.  Of course the race itself is secondary to the real purpose.  The Knights 5K connects the school with the community, and allows us to display the grace God has shown us with folks all over the Catawba Valley.  I don’t have exact numbers on this, but it appeared that about half of those who ran the race were not from HCA.  With over 360 registered racers, this means that we had the privilege of showing almost 200 other people how the body of Jesus Christ functions in a non-traditional church setting.  Sometimes we compartmentalize our walk with the Lord so much that we forget that we are the Church, even when we are not in “church”.  I am excited to continue to work with other believers as we serve the Lord through everyday life, Sunday through Saturday.  Today was no exception. 
HCA Student Runners
The Start
Here is a sight you rarely see…a man pulling a suitcase down
the road during the 5K.
Steve Reese finishing strong
p.s. – Several people asked why I did not actually run in the race today.  Truth is, I am protesting the fact that Bill will not add a category for fat junk-food eaters.  I would be dominant!  Maybe next year.