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Knights Cafe

Introducing The Knights Cafe!

HCA has partnered with Lane’s Catering to provide for the first time hot and fresh chef prepared meals on campus for students, staff and parents alike.  Knight’s cafés lunches are designed to combine traditional and ethnic favorites with healthy balance meal choices.

Since Knight’s café will be preparing affordable, nutritious lunches daily, meals can now be ordered each morning in homeroom or in advance via an interactive online menu.


How To Order Lunch

First, click on this link to create an account. The online program works much like a college meal card. Parents can load money in any increment into their child’s online account by credit card or check made out to Lane’s Catering. Through their account, parents will be able to review and maintain what their child orders at lunch every day. It is also possible to put restrictions on a child’s ordering choices, such as allergies or desserts. As a courtesy, balance reminders will be emailed each week for accounts that have $10.00 or less.
The parent page will provide detailed instructions for registering, adding students, and depositing money into lunch accounts. Please feel free to call Heather 828-234-0505 with any questions or needs.

As with any online system, there is a credit card processing fee. For $50 and under it is a flat $1.90 per transaction and for anything above that it is 2.9% plus $0.30. The processing fee for $100 is then $3.20 for a total of $103.20 . However, all fees can be avoided by writing a check.


Lunch/ala carte – includes protein, sides and beverage
Elementary (Lower): $4.28 includes tax
Middle & High School (Upper): $5.35 includes tax
See the monthly menu for A la Carte options and pricing.

Our Meals

We value and are committed not only to good food but to quality ingredients. It is our desire to use the least amount of processed foods possible at Knights Cafe, by providing hand crafted meals with the freshest ingredients; organic when at all possible. Because as we all know, you are what you eat.

We are also big advocates of the national farm to school program (www.farmtoschool.org) that is growing in most public schools and think HCA could not only benefit from such a concept but could do it with excellence. As a result, we desire to serve family friendly meals that utilize Hickory’s amazing farms and farmer’s market produce. A salad bar will be a perfect avenue for new taste available daily to the upper school.

Lane’s Catering

Lanes Catering is owned and operated by John Mark and Heather Lane. They have been in the restaurant business over 50 years. They are passionate about food and love sharing that passion with others.

John Mark has worked in Charlotte restaurants since age 16 and graduated from CPCC culinary program. Heather graduated from ASU with a biology degree and then performed mission work for several years and then realized she was destined to attend culinary school. Heather and John Mark met while working in a restaurant in Charlotte where Heather was interning for Johnson and Wales.

The Lanes moved to Georgia and started two restaurants and a family. They have two boys that attend HCA: Eli (7 years old) Sam (6 years old). Last year the Lord made it possible to move closer to family back in NC through the sale of one of their restaurants. Those restaurants are still open today and still very successful. Feel free to look them up www.elementsbistro.com

They feel blessed and excited to be a part of the HCA family and look forward to the fun memories and lasting relationships to come!

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